Half Baked
The title of "Half Baked"
Episode no. ENG: 9a JP: 8a
Air date Teletoon (ENG):
September 13, 2001

TV Tokyo (JP):
November 24, 2002

Written by Frank Young
Storyboard by Andrew Tan
Supervising Directors Mike Fallows, Atsushi Miyake, Makoto Iwasaki
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"Half Baked" (Japanese: パンを作ろう!) is the seventeenth episode of Pecola.

Plot Summary

Mrs. Bernard has finally had enough of her sleeping husband never doing any work. She's leaving and never coming back. Pecola and Coco decide to help Mr. Bernard by making a batch of cookies. Except they didn't quite follow the recipe and the cookies explode out of the oven, putting a hole in the wall of the bakery. Never mind that they're hard as rocks. But Pecola and Coco don't give up so easily. Baking bread is next. There's just one little problem. The bag of flour they bring up is actually cement. So the bread looks great but it's as heavy as bricks. Hey, that's just what the Bernards needed. The hole in the wall gets fixed in an especially bakery-ish way.